Gil Testimonial

“Treating the neuropathy in my feet has been the best benefit that I couldn’t find anywhere else.”

Gil, a CCMC board member and Diabetes Care patient, had neuropathy in his feet and wildly fluctuating blood sugar. He was familiar with infusion therapy through his physician, Dr. Miller, and his exposure to the treatments since he was on the hospital’s board.

Gil decided to make use of the services the clinic offers. He said, “Treating the neuropathy in my feet has been the best benefit that I couldn’t find anywhere else.”

When asked if he recommended the infusion therapy to others, Gil said, “Absolutely, I would. If you have a medical problem, the infusion may help you, and if it does, it is a very good solution for medical services.”

He acknowledged the health benefits as well as the clinic’s outstanding staff.

Gil concluded, “You will enjoy the staff; they do an incredible job. And this is cutting edge technology that is helping people, and people are just finding out about it.”

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