David Testimonial

“It really has made a difference…I had also shown in an early screening some issues with diabetic retinopathy. That has improved.”

David, a Diabetes Care patient, first heard about the infusion treatment through a friend from his church. He stated, “I was, at first skeptical, but (with) the gentle love and a little bit of nagging of my wife of 51. Years, we finally attended one of the information meetings over in Comanche.”

David said after hearing Dr. Miller and Dr. Troxell, it made sense to him to try to treat the fundamental cause. “My understanding of the infusion therapy was to go back to the basic issue of receptivity in the pancreas and that made sense to me.” He said.

He continued, “So, I started the infusion treatments. Went twice a week to start with, then went to once a week, and by my own choice have continued on a weekly basis. David stated, “It really has made a difference.” He said it took awhile to see some differences that were actually measurable in terms of improvement of peripheral neuropathy, primarily in his feet and toes. “I had also shown in an early screening some issues with diabetic retinopathy. That has improved. My A1c is improved in the course of treatment,” David said.

He also shared his experience during treatments while at the infusion clinic, and stated, “All of the personnel have been very professional, very cordial, very. Caring. They’re all RN’s, and they’re all very convinced about the efficacy of the program.” David concluded, “It’s been a positive experience. So, I have tried to communicate that and have been willing to share with folks cause if ever there was a skeptic, it was me.”

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