Butch Testimonial

Butch has reported that both he and his wife experienced significant improvements from the infusion treatments.

Butch, a Diabetes Care infusion patient, saw an ad in a local newspaper about the infusion treatments. He had not been taking diabetic medicines because they all made him sick. He said, “I decided I wanted to try this, so I went to a Town Hall meeting, and I asked my wife to go with me.” Butch’s wife has cervical dystonia, and they both searched for more information because they thought the treatments might be able to ease her symptoms.

Butch hoped for good results for himself as well. Therefore, the couple moved forward and began their journey of infusion therapy treatments. And looking back now, he said both he and his wife experienced significant improvements from the infusion treatments.

For Butch, his blood pressure improved and stated, “I’m not on any blood pressure medicines anymore. I was taking two, and now I’m taking zero. I am still struggling a little bit with my numbers, but they are getting better.”

He said from his wife’s second treatment, she thought something was happening, but was unsure what it was. Butch said, “She has really shown a lot of progress in her pain levels from her neck. Now we’re on our 14th treatment, and it has made a world of difference for her.”

And to the question about recommending infusion therapy to others? Butch concluded, “If you think you need something to try, I think it’s worth your time to see how it goes.”

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