Bennie Testimonial

“I had a very quick response… After about 40 sessions of this, I was back to being pre-diabetic.”

Patient Bennie had contracted Covid in 2022, which led him to his annual Medicare exam. It was there he discovered he had flipped from pre-diabetic to diabetic. At this point, Dr. Miller at CCMC introduced the idea of infusion therapy and discussed the possibility of him entering the program.

Bennie stated, “Since I have neuropathy in my feet that has built up, and this is supposed to help, I decided to give it a try.” He had made a sound decision, as he experienced results after just two weeks of infusion treatments. Bennie’s neuropathy left his feet and ended up strictly in his big toes. He stated, “I had a very quick response.”

Bennie added, “After about 40 sessions of this, I was back to being pre-diabetic.” His vision improved, medications were lowered, and energy was restored. After all these significant changes, Bennie became an advocate. He had not only helped himself, but also endorsed the infusion treatments for many others. Bennie concluded, “I advertise it for the hospital all the time. People are always asking me about it.” Many people, including several cousins and even his neighbors have since enrolled in this program.

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