Becky Testimonial

“It’s such an amazing thing. This has really been life-changing for me and many others.”

Becky A. is both a patient and RN working at the Infusion Center in Brownwood. As a result, she has gained perspective from both sides of the treatment program. She states, “I want to let people know about this great infusion therapy that has helped me tremendously, not only as a patient but also as a nurse.” Becky said she is witnessing a great number of patients in the clinic getting positive results from the infusions.

For herself, she has struggled to manage Type 2 Diabetes since her 20’s, needing multiple medications and insulin injections. Becky also received numerous consults with nutritionists, dieticians, and even her Internal Medicine doctor to no avail. She still hadn’t achieved the diagnosis of a stable diabetic.

However, once Becky started the infusions, she reported that a major turnaround occurred. She experienced vast improvement with her neuropathy, her blood sugars were much better controlled, and she was able to reduce her medications and insulin injections. In addition, Becky said her cholesterol, weight, and labs have all improved.

She states, “It’s such an amazing thing. This has really been life-changing for me and many others.” Becky says she would definitely encourage people to look into the treatments, ask questions, and speak to their doctors about the program. She concludes, “This is the way to go as far as for quality of life!”

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