Series 2 Chapter 1 | Dr. Troxell Report On Diabetic Infusion Treatment

Dr. Larry Troxell, CEO of Comanche County Medical Center (CCMC), said patients experienced improvements rather quickly after the Texas Outpatient and Infusion Center treatments started on June 22, 2021. He engaged with a few patients himself during his visits at the infusion center.

“Within the first 30 days, one of our patients hollered at me – she said I want to tell you how I benefitted from this program, and she begins to tell me about getting the feeling back in her legs and her feet. She’d had neuropathy,” Dr. Troxell said.

He stated that this patient initially had no feeling in her legs up to her waist but that now all the feeling was back. Dr. Troxell continued to listen as the patient described how her vision had transformed from fuzzy to quite sharp. He noted her improvements occurred within 30 days of starting the infusion therapy. “Now, she has been with us for over two years,” he said.

Dr. Troxell said the patient told him about other improvements, including fibromyalgia pain and migraine headaches, which no longer existed. He said these other ailments being reversed was something new the clinic hadn’t noticed before and that now they’re being monitored.

Another patient shared her remarkable success story with Dr. Troxell. She said, “I just got back from my ophthalmologist’s office, and my glaucoma is completely gone.” The patient said she’d had glaucoma for 10 years and repeated ‘Now it’s completely gone!’ He said, “These are things we’ve actually documented.”

Dr. Troxell concluded, “What we’re doing is trying to provide a treatment for people that have a need, that have chronic conditions, and the list of those conditions is getting longer that we’re able to do something about.”

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