Series 1, Chapter 3 | Dr. Miller Report On Diabetic Infusion Treatment

Dr. Dwayne Miller of Comanche County Medical Center discusses how “Diabetes Relief” works in the body, based on his experience with numerous patients who have undergone this therapy.

He stated, “Every cell in our body, except for red blood cells needs sugar. If sugar doesn’t get in the cell and form energy, we feel sluggish.” Dr. Miller said although doctors have encouraged patients for years to lose weight and exercise, patients with these symptoms simply don’t feel like it. They are prediabetic or diabetic, their legs hurt, muscles hurt, and they don’t sleep well at night.

Dr. Miller added, “If you don’t have energy, you can’t see as far as you used to, you don’t hear as well, you feel bad, sluggish, and tired, that’s Metabolic Syndrome.”

He explained, “101 years ago, they discovered insulin and how it works, and they started using it as a medicine.” Dr. Miller stated with infusion therapy, insulin is administrated as a hormone through an AV instead of as a drug. He said this helps our bodies function as they’re supposed to.

And which organ systems does it help the best? Dr. Miller said, “Eyesight, neuropathy – whether it is dementia or peripheral neuropathy – and kidney functions. It is unbelievable what the therapy does for kidney functions.

He added, “I can tell you 95% of your neuropathy will go away. Within two weeks of the therapy, both insulin medicines and diabetic pill usage will be reduced by half,” Dr. Miller said.

He added, “they’ll lose 50 or 60 pounds, have energy to exercise and eat right and will feel better and will sleep better.” Dr. Miller concluded, “It’s really changed the way I look at healthcare.”

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